Khaman Dhokla (in oven). Delicious Restaurant style Kaman in Oven!!! Another healthy Indian Recipe, this is a Besan Dhokla and is also known as Khaman Dhokla. Really yummy and can be used if you are on diet or as a snack.

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If yes at what temp? and how much time? Khaman dhokla recipe with step by step photos. Khaman dhokla or khaman as its called is a savory steamed cake made from gram flour (besan).

Yes, this is a simple recipe just next the additional ones. I think the hardest share is to locate the best ingredients so you can enjoy the tasty Khaman Dhokla (in oven) for your breakfast with your friends or family. You can cook Khaman Dhokla (in oven) using 17 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Khaman Dhokla (in oven)

  1. It’s of Besan.
  2. You need of semolina.
  3. It’s of curd.
  4. Prepare of turmeric powder.
  5. It’s of Salt.
  6. You need of sugar powder.
  7. You need of lemon juice.
  8. Prepare of oil.
  9. Prepare of eno fruit salt.
  10. It’s of water.
  11. Prepare of tempering:.
  12. It’s of oil.
  13. It’s of mustard seeds.
  14. You need of Curry leaves.
  15. It’s of sugar syrup.
  16. It’s of dessicated coconut.
  17. Prepare of green chillies.

Usually I prepare khaman dhokla with the steaming method. but when I am short of time I cook it in the microwave oven. Recipe of Khaman Dhokla by Dhwani Mehta. This Khaman dhokla is also known as Nylon Khaman gluten f. Khaman Dhokla – A mouth-watering, delicious, Vegan, nutritious Gujarati steamed cake/Snack Khaman dhokla in Instant Pot is ready.

Khaman Dhokla (in oven) instructions

  1. Take a bowl put besan and add curd. Mix it well. Then add salt, turmeric, sugar, oil and lemon juice..
  2. Mix all this very well. And now cover it with lead and give rest for 20 minutes..
  3. Now add eno and pour water on it. Mix it well and now take microwave proof bowl grease it with oil. Pour batter in it and put it in microwave for 5/6 minutes..
  4. Let it cool. Now for tempering heat a oil add mustard seeds, curry leaves,green chillies and sugar syrup saute it for a minute. In last sprinkle coconut..
  5. And now cut it into square piece. Ready to serve..

Can we make Khaman dhokla without Eno? Technically dhokla and khaman are different. Dhokla is made from a Khaman dhokla makes for a great party appetizer when hosting because it's easy to make and also Let's sizzle spices in an oil sauce and pour the sauce all over the dhokla. The dhokla will drink the sauce. You can have dhokla in breakfast or as evening snack, and it is just perfect for your kid's lunchbox.

I want just to let you know this recipe already tested, you conveniently follow every the cooking instructions and prepare the ingredients to get the appetizing Khaman Dhokla (in oven). If you have questions or requests re this article, make smile admission us as soon as possible. And don’t forget to bookmark this page therefore you will easily locate it over later. The content source: